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W E D N E S D A Y,  F E B R U A R Y  2 4 T H   |   1 0 : 4 5 AM

LifePro  Summit  2021

K E Y N O T E   S P E A K E R S

Andy Friedman & Tom Hegna

Discover How To Move Prospects from Cold-to-Gold With Confidence! 

The Premiere Virtual Sales & Marketing Conference of the Year!

L E A R N  F R O M  T H E  B E S T

Guest Speakers As Seen On

J U M P S T A R T  Y O U R  S U C C E S S

2021 Speakers

LifePro is bringing together the sharpest minds when it comes to retirement planning, tax laws, annuities, estate planning, client acquisition, sales skills, and much more. You'll learn from the best and brightest in the financial services industry which will propel you into the lead advisor role.

Andy Friedman

Tom Hegna, 


Founder and Principal, The Washington Update

Wall Street’s Tax Expert

Economist, Author, and 

The Retirement Income Expert

Todd Petit, 

Corey J. Luke, 



Assistant VP for Advanced Markets & Solutions, Speciality Markets, & Life Training, Allianz

Assistant VP for Life Product Innovation, Allianz

Ben Nevejans

Heather Ulz


LifePro Financial Services


LifePro Financial Services

What Advisors Are Saying

Steve F.

Kerry N.

Brian A.

Simple ways to explain the importance of life insurance as a "Swiss Army Knife" to solve timely, relevant problems we are ALL facing (market volatility, tax liability, uncertainty)

Listening to someone who doesn't necessarily sell life insurance helps validate what we do.

I am an "old dog" and like very much the new tricks that I can learn!!

Here Are All of the Tools and Resources You'll Be Given When You Attend

  • The virtual-selling strategies elite advisors are using to overcome today's challenges and lead their communities with confidence 
  • A detailed analysis of the most recent tax law changes, including Section 7702 and AG 49-A, to help answer your clients' questions
  • A complete guide to straightforward retirement planning that your clients can use to enjoy the fruits of their, and your, labor! 
  • The tools to prepare for the consequences of what's happening in our nation’s Capitol, and how the markets are likely to react
  • Slides, scripts, and templates shown during each of the presentations (subject to speaker's permissions agreement)
  • VIP access to LifePro-exclusive events including the "Wealth Builder Academy LIVE" taking place in March 2020!

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The Virtual LifePro Summit 2021 

Wednesday, February 24th @ 10:45 AM PST

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