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August 25, 2022 | 10 AM PST

How to Confidently Sell Premium Finance Cases to High-Net-Worth Clients

 Join us at our LIVE webinar and discover how utilizing premium finance can protect your clients' assets without disturbing cash flow. 

Scale Your Business With Premium Finance

Finding the Right Vendor For Your Next Case 

How to Properly Qualify Your Clients 

Closing the Sale with the Right Process 

Utilize our in-house underwriting expert to speed up the process and minimize the chances of losing your next case.

With all the insurance business you bring in, you can't afford to waste time looking for the right vendor for the right client.

Get your point across with proprietary reports, educational videos, point-of-sale experts, and success stories.

Advanced Reports

Our proprietary Premium Financing Report can help you close the sale and enhance your existing process!

The future impact of estate taxes

Use this report to show high-net-worth individuals how federal estate taxes can be a huge burden and unexpected expense for their beneficiaries - unless it's properly planned for. 

The benefits of a high-value IUL policy

The report analyzes life insurance policies to begin to plan for estate taxes. The goal is to show you the ability to leverage a policy that provides the liquidity needed for estate taxes.

Become an Authority on Legacy Preservation and Estate Protection 

Premium finance might seem complex, but can be pretty simple once you break it down...

  1.   Contact LifePro to qualify your case and gather all the paperwork.

     2.   Choose the right vendor and 

            insurance carrier.

     3.   Complete bank loan application and 

           necessary follow-up.

     4.   Review closing documents and 

           delivery requirements. 

     5.   Design a high-value life insurance 

           policy to align with the client's goals.

Presentations from Experts

LifePro's in-house experts will discuss how to make a significant impact on your bottom line.

Ben Nevejans

Brian Manderscheid

Luke Geller


Vice President, Case Design

Senior Field Support Representative

Adam Reyna

Kyle Tomko

Allee Marchini

Senior Marketing Coordinator

Senior Field Support Representative

Field Support Representative

Meet Your Special Guests

Kenneth J. Buckley started The Buckley Group more than 35 years ago when he realized that being an independent insurance broker was the only way to effectively service his clients and be sure that he was providing them with the best of all options.

Since then, Ken has diligently researched an array of financial products, partnering with the most respected CPA’s and attorneys in the country to expertly tailor each client’s portfolio. As an MDRT Top of the Table Member, Ken has access to the most exclusive products available and the leverage to work with insurance companies to offer customized programs.

Kenneth Buckley

Founder, The Buckley Group

Northstar Funding Partners (NSFP) is the nation's leading facilitator of life insurance premium finance business. NSFP's approach combines a range of lending options with value-added support to increase efficiency and effectiveness. 

Dale has been instrumental in developing NSFP's careful and time-tested approach to delivering consistent results that exceed advisor's expectations. Northstar's technology and resources are unequaled and continue to evolve to address the industry. Dale's presentation will focus on Northstar's Small Case Platform premium finance program. 

Dale Humphrey

President, Northstar Funding Partners

Who Is the Premium Finance Training For?

  • CPAs, money managers, and financial advisors with high-net-worth clients who aren't confident enough yet to talk about larger life insurance policies.
  • You want to know exactly how to qualify the right clients who are eager to act now on premium finance so that you can set the correct expectations. 
  • You're seeking point-of-sale tools and resources to show qualified clients how premium finance works so that you don't lose your next sale to another qualified advisor.

August 25th, 2022 @ 10:00 AM PST

How to Confidently Sell Premium Finance Cases to High-Net-Worth Clients 

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